Key Personnel

Gerna Clifford:

Director/Chemical Engineer/Water and Wastewater Treatment Specialist

Ms Gerna Clifford is a Water and Wastewater Treatment Specialist with 16 years’ experience in the design and project management of water and wastewater treatment projects. Her qualifications include MEng (Water Utilisation), BEng (Hons) (Water Utilisation) BEng (Chemical) from the University of Pretoria.

She worked on projects ranging from potable water to municipal and industrial wastewater treatment process design and gained vast experience in water and wastewater treatment projects in which she was involved. This provides her with a sound base as a water and wastewater treatment specialist on projects ranging from investigations, planning, design, construction, commissioning and operation.

She has been involved in the 2012 Blue Water Services cycle in the capacity as an inspector for Department of Water Affairs as well as a Green Drop inspector in 2013.

Robert Lax:

Technical Manager/Chemist

Mr Robert Lax is a qualified Scientist with a Diploma in Analytical Chemistry and has 22 years’ experience in laboratory based research, projects and management. During his employment at SAPPI he was responsible for research projects, development of new analytical techniques, sampling protocols and effluent treatment.

His further experience as laboratory manager ranges from ISO 17025 SANAS Technical Signatory (Laboratory Number T0080), Internal and external auditing to ISO 17025 standard, Method development, documentation and statistical analysis and computerisation of data collection for quality control.


Nici Jooste

Laboratory & Quality Manager

Ms Nicole Jooste is an Analyst with extensive experience in Analytical Chemistry specifically in the Water field as well as Laboratory Quality Management systems.


Leo Dzviriri

Head Analyst

An enthusiastic and self-motivated professional with extensive experience in Laboratory Analytical work. A skilled Analyst who specialises in quality control and issues requiring accuracy. Able to demonstrate excellent work. Posses’ interpersonal skills. Enjoying being part of a successful and productive team while demonstrating strong leadership potential in highly competitive and demanding sector.

Mr Dzviriri holds a certificate in Science and Technology from the Masvingo Polytechnical College in Zimbabwe. He has 8 years of experience in all aspects of laboratory management and analysis, including quality management, data capturing and reporting.


Eddy Malese

Business Developer

Mr Eddy Malese has 7 years of experience in project management of effluent treatment and mining projects, He has a sound understanding of all phases of a project lifecycle and has been responsible for planning, scheduling conducting and coordinating the technical and management aspects of projects to ensure production output and on time delivery targets are achieved cost effectively.

He also promote and maintain awareness and compliance OHS in accordance with best practice and legal requirement on projects and are familiar with Operation within ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

He has an extensive knowledge of mechanical plant equipment and the operational aspects of effluent treatment plants in both the mining and municipal areas.


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