Quality Assurance

West Bio-Chemical Services (Pty) Ltd has obtained accreditation status with South African National Accreditation System, SANAS, in October 2009 as its activities are compliant with all the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025 general requirements. SANAS is South Africa's Government endorsed accreditor. Yearly audits by SANAS ensure continued compliance to the ISO Standard.

Please visit the SANAS website for verification and further information about SANAS.

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West Bio-Chemical participates in two proficiency schemes to continuously monitor the laboratory performance. Analyses currently accredited under ISO 17025 are monitored using the SABS Water Testing Proficiency Scheme (Group 2 and Group 3). In addition tested parameters which do not currently form part of the accreditation schedule are also monitored using both the SABS Water Testing Proficiency Scheme, and the Microbiological Proficiency Scheme administered by the NLA. This is done to provide historical data for future expansion of the accreditation schedule, and to provide verification of the laboratory performance to customers for our non-accredited test work. Procedures for the monitoring and any corrective actions based on these proficiency scheme results are documented as part of the ISO 17025 Quality System for the laboratory.


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